Monthly Archives: February 2009

Congratulations Caroline!

My sister, Caroline DeCesare, Interior Designer and owner of DeCesare Design Group, Inc. has just been featured in the Feb/Mar issue of Western Interiors Magazine. She is an amazingly talented designer who knows how to get the job done. I'm so proud of her and wanted to just brag on my little sis! You go girl. […]

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The ATJ Stimulus Package

Is anyone else SICK TO DEATH of watching the news and hearing about just how bad the economy is, how many jobs were lost this week, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum?  Well, over here at ATJ, we have chosen to put on the blinders and move forward with plans for a busy new year. We […]

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Love is in the Air!

The relationships between human beings is endlessly fascinating to me. These represent a few moments during sessions where I, literally, felt the love!

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