A Bag of Love

I was in Santa Monica last week with my sis. Me, looking for visual inspiration. Her, looking for $60,000 coffee tables for her interior design clients (different worlds, different worlds). Anyway, one of our main goals of the trip was a trip to Hennessey and Ingalls Bookstore which specializes in books on Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design and, ahem, Photography—you know, all the disciplines that the coffee table books are made for. They had it ALL–it was pure crack heaven! After 2 hours and an undisclosed amount of cash later we left with the assurance that our purchases would be shipped forthwith. And what should come upon my doorstep this day but a box full of love complete with my very own Hennessey and Ingalls tote bag AND a note thanking me for my purchase. I submit that customer service is not dead! And what could be better than having a whole bag full of brand new eye candy to delve into? [Sigh] I just noticed there was a web address on that tote! Happy Day—


Wanna see what I bought?