Behind the Curtain at Allison Tyler Jones Photography

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica.

I have been an admirer of Allison’s work for years, and yet, when I recently started working at ATJ Photo as the new Studio Manager, I was so nervous that seeing behind the metaphorical curtain at ATJ Photo would prove to be disappointing.

Not that I’m comparing Allison to the Wizard of Oz (although she does looks great in green). But I think that we have all had a Dorothy-esque experience, where we finally meet that person or visit that place or have that adventure that we have always dreamed of…only to realize it was nothing like we expected. Because sometimes when you see beyond the perception of magic or mystery or enchantment, it somehow just doesn’t live up to the anticipation.

Blog_BTS_082417_bw2Not the case with ATJ Photo. Not even close. The more time I spend “behind the curtain” here, the more enchanted I become.

Beyond the gum balls and ever-changing walls of portrait galleries you will find a real passion for capturing relationships, moments, memories, and the parts of us that make us each unique…combined with a little bit of swearing and a whole of QT Herbal Peach Tea.

Because, like all of us, Allison has those things which make her unique, which set her apart- not just as a photographer, but as a person.

Things that I think you might love to see.


So I am going to use this blog to take you on one incredible journey, Behind The Curtain of ATJ Photo.

And it’s one journey that, I guarantee, will not disappoint.


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