Generosity of Spirit – A Tale of Kindness

This is Ellen S. one of my very favorite clients who has been with me since the Memory Lane days. She has always been a cheerleader and a kind soul who builds others up. When she came in last fall for a photo session with her sister, she noticed a giraffe head hanging upside down in my stairwell outside the studio window and asked the obvious question, "WTHeck?"


Well, the giraffe head had been created by my son, Keaton, who is OBSESSED with The Lion King on Broadway (click here to see slideshow of obsession). He makes costumes and produces full scale shows in the backyard on a daily basis. Keaton is 17 and, as many of you know, suffers with autism. Here he is below with one of his many get-ups–as Rafiki in this photo.


So, the giraffe head was just one of many costumes laying around waiting for his next show. Ellen asked if I had tickets to the upcoming showing of TLKOB at ASU Gammage–which we did and I mentioned how I would love to get Keaton backstage to look at the costumes up close because he so loves the mechanics of how they work, etc. 

Well, this sweet, sweet woman made it her mission to figure out how to get my kid backstage. I don't even know what she had to do or how much time it took her but she DID IT!!! And last night was the most amazing experience—a dream come true for my boy. We watched the show from the 5th row (incredible) and after the show we were met by Ben Lipitz the actor who plays Pumbaa the Warthog!

He was so kind to take us backstage and show us around and the big moment was when he let Keaton step to the darkened stage and belt out the opening number to the show. That opening number is a duet and when Keaton paused, Ben didn't miss a trick, he jumped right in and sang his part—it was just a once-in-a-lifetime moment. I am so grateful to all the people who made this happen. Ellen S. for her determination, Dana McGuinness ASU's PR Manager and Ben Lipitz for taking the time after a very long show to make my boy's LIFE!

It's an amazing world we live in and I'm constantly amazed at the generosity and kindness of others.
Thank you all from me and from Keaton!!!