Going to Press Today – 100% Kid in German – AZ Family Photographer

Just got this mock up from my editor at Peachpit Press for the German translation of my book 100% Kid: A Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Kids in a Whole New Light . Other translations are under way! So fun. Changing children’s photography one photographer at a time;)!!!
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Sabine Arndt - September 10, 2014 - 2:43 PM

Dear Allison, I am a german photographer for family, kids, teens and other humans 😉 and I have to say, never, never read a photobook like this before. I read every word with pleasure! Thanks a lot. I ll follow you. Best wishes for you, your work (with so many love and heart) and your privat life … sabine

Marcus Woelbing - October 19, 2014 - 4:28 PM

Dear Mrs Allison Tylor Jones,

for more some weeks, I gave you a comment while I found in amazon (or ebay?) this book where I told you something about the both kids on the cover.
Today I am now here again. And these two kids I have seen in a very differnt way than on this cover, where I told what I felt.

My question is: have you pictures for to can buye? This with the two kids on the front of your book would be cool, to can look on the cover again and again. And when I see, the both kids where (this picture was devided into six or eight parts (2 lines)) where on the left was the girl laughing while on the right was the boy with he pollover over his mouth. Is there a way, to can buye these two photographs? Or are they advertisment for your job? I think so!! If there is no way to buye these photo, I think I will buye me the book and look at this, if me think to look at this.

To the comment I wrote to you for some more weeks, me has seen the photos in wrong light, because the photographs of the both kids (6/8 parts 2 lines) were this way, where I not feel to look into a mirror.

P.S. sometimes in my life and during the last 10 years, I have has seen maybe 7 photographs where I would have looked at the photographs again and again. This is with that photo on your book-cover, too. And the other one: maybe I would’t have seen this. But I am glad, very glad, that they are happy.


P.S. Maybe I can send a profi-photograph of mine (made at sutdioline). If I find your e-mail-adress, I will send you this. Maybe you see in my face what I see in my mirror, what was my description. (And the other two photographs, too).


Marcus Woelbing - February 9, 2015 - 5:57 PM

Dear Mrs. Allison Tylor Jones,

today I have thought on you and your work and what I told you.
When I read what I have written to you, even here, me wanted to say now, that I never have bought this book to look at the cover and that don’t wanted to buye the photographts of those both kids, because time is over where I need this. On one day I will marry and my wife and my kids will make me happy. Sometimes it was good, to have seen what my heart has warmed or in this case with the mirror I’ll be glad to have seen the photograph with 6/8 blocks in 2 lines and smiling in this case was top for me to see.

Maybe by then and have a nice day .

Marcus 🙂

Kid Photography Singapore - November 21, 2016 - 10:13 PM

Beautiful pictures & professional work.


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