Big doings down here tomorrow at 166 West Main Street. Lee Industries, an amazing furniture manufacturer (and maker of my two favorite sofas in my house) are sponsoring Local Love week for local independent businesses spurred on by our friends at Restyle Source. Do you know that it’s getting harder and harder to run an independent retail store these days? Well, it is and I so admire the people who do it and do it well. Two of my favorites Design Lab and Found share the building with our studio and I love their style and commitment to excellence.  Found and Design Lab are making a fuss over it. My sister has ordered my book for her store (Design Lab) and is having me over for a book signing. Our studio will be open and we’d love to see everyone. The Waffle Truck will be out front and rumor has it that there may be See’s Chocolates somewhere in the building. Hmmmmm–should they have called it Carb Cycle Saturday?! Make a day of it, bring your girlfriends and get a little retail therapy. See you tomorrow!


Screenshot 2014-02-07 11.55.15