Melissa Jill and the Giant Sandwich – A Blogging Metaphor

I had lunch this week with amazing local wedding photographer Melissa Jill. She’s the go-to girl for weddings if you want it done right. So we ordered our lunch at Urban Picnic here in Downtown Mesa and I think her Tuna Salad was a bit more than she was expecting. Feed a small village anyone? During our lunch, we chatted about photography, business and life. She encouraged/inspired me to be more diligent in my blogging efforts and gave me some great information about how she makes times for her own blog (which is great, btw). Just thinking about working on my blog and the whole social media thing in general makes me feel like I’m trying to take a bite out of that towering tuna sandwich. Overwhelming, how can I find the time, who cares anyway? But…I am determined. So, here’s to the teeniest, tiniest bite of that REALLY big sandwich. A little old blog post, starring Melissa.

Note for Photographers: Melissa also just launched a new venture call Align Album Design for wedding photographers. I love this idea–there are very few good options for wedding album design out there and knowing Melissa, the customer service is fantastic. This is a girl that dots her i’s and crosses her t’s. Thanks for lunch Melissa, next time it’s on me!

Melissa Jill and the Towering Tuna Salad Sandwich