Men Behaving Badly a.k.a. My Baby Brother

I have amazing siblings (there are 6 of us)! So after showing off my sister, Caroline, I thought I'd show you what my brother Doug has been up to lately. Let me place the disclaimer early in this post that you should under no circumstances show any of this to your husbands or teenaged sons (I take no responsibility for the major purchases or wrecks that will result;).

My brother, Doug Tyler is the owner of TMW Offroad which customizes sport utility vehicles and all kinds of unnecessary and dangerous items that men are obsessed with. He has his own You Tube channel where bad things happen like this

Here are some pics of his latest endeavors…

Doug'sRhino  DSCF2928copy
Looking at that ridiculous footage, you might never know that this tough guy is really a 6'6" big marshmallow softy who is a serious family man. Pics below are his family at Christmas-time out in Queen Creek near their home. I love you Dougie Fresh!