More Music Secrets Revealed…

OK, more emails about music. The song that played in the slideshow at Creative Escape last Saturday was
Every Moment by Joy Williams. She’s amazing–I should be her agent, I’ve told so many people about her–ha!


Then there’s the music on my website by one of my favorite artistes of all time, Diana Krall. I have everything she’s ever done. The song is, Your Getting to Be a Habit With Me from her album Love Scenes. Buy the whole album, there’s not one bad song on it. In fact, one of my very favorites is Peel Me a Grape the lyrics to this song should be included in every prenup–they are a good insight into how a woman’s mind works. Peel me a grape, crush me some ice. Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow…. Oh ya….Enjoy!