Never Say Never

Ok, so you moms out there can relate to this. You know how after your baby is a few years old and you start looking at babies again, thinking how sweet they are and how much you’d love to have another one? Gone are the memories of how sucky it is to be pregnant (especially in AZ and especially in the summer). Never mind, that after the labor and delivery of your last child, you swore “never again!” Forgotten are the thoughts of labor and delivery; all you can think about is that finished product, that fat, sweet luscious baby!

That’s kind of like making a decision to write another book. The conception part is fun, fun, fun. Ideas abound, “it’s going to be great,” fantasy ensues, “it won’t be that hard,” ” it will be fun and push me creatively!” And then, you sign the contract and, bam, it’s like you’re pregnant. There’s no going back–only forward. You’re stuck, with a monumental task in front of you and, suddenly, all of those great ideas seemed to have vanished and you are slogging it out, day after day, on your laptop–creating a baby, I mean, a book. And then–you hand off your labor of love to the “midwives” of the publisher’s editors and designers and a few short weeks later–voila! A bouncing baby book lands in your mailbox with no more fanfare than a plain manila envelope, and you’re in love all over again. “It was totally worth it!”

So it’s out, here’s my fourth baby, 100% Kid: A Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Kids in a Whole New Light by Me

I wrote this book for working photographers who have been photographing children in natural light but want to learn the basics of studio lighting and how to be creative when you have to factor in flash to the equation. There’s also tons of ideas for how to take control of and direct your photo shoot and finding your unique style. I’m glad it’s done, and I hope you like it.

Thanks to all my amazing clients who allow me to do what I love for a living and for letting me have a little bit of their babies every time we shoot.