It was a big day in Downtown Mesa yesterday. Made me proud to be a Fifth Generation Mesa Native. As you may have heard, the Republican Debates were held last night and the whole city was buzzing with it. The City of Mesa asked me to document the event which was exhilarating, fascinating and exhausting all at the same time. Here are some highlights.


Doug - February 23, 2012 - 11:11 PM

I think I fit into this party!!

It’s That Time Again….

Yes, even though it’s still warm out, Christmas will still come and you still need to have amazing cards that will make your not-so-good friends jealous and your BFF’s weep with delight. Both of these reactions will result in the inevitable phone calls from said friends gushing about how creative you are and how your kids have grown. So, pick up the phone now because the email blast has already gone out and ATJ’s Christmas Card Day is filling up quickly! Go here for the nitty gritty.


CLASS OF 2011 – Portrait Photographer Mesa, AZ

They just get cuter every year and this year we had LOTS of boys (which is unusual). Boys that love their moms, obviously, because it’s never their idea to get the pics done! And gorgeous girls who are as pretty inside as they are on the out. Congratulations to this group of good-looking, nice kids!



Pittsburgh Photographer - July 7, 2011 - 1:09 PM

Great work! My wife and I photograph seniors in between shooting weddings.

Life Moves Fast – Paradise Valley, AZ Photographer

And for this couple, it moves faster than most. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bondurant of car racing fame, are featured on the May cover of AZ Lifestyle Mag. These two lovebirds are newlyweds in the bargain and were so much fun to shoot. Also, check out Mr. B’s shoes–can you say, “Fabulous?” So, Father’s Day is coming up and what better gift for your hubby (other than heartbreakingly, gorgeous photos of you and your kids by Your Truly) than a day at the track at the Bondurant Racing School. Believe me, there is no card-carrying man that would turn this down. Check it out here. Tell ’em ATJ sent you!


Bob and Pat Bondurant at home in Paradise Valley, AZ