Tina, the Uber-Huber strikes again with her totally brilliant design and concept of MadPax. Recently, winner of Best In Show for The Gear Category at the New York Gift Show. Their booth was slammed and everyone is clamoring for MadPax. You can buy yours at Garage. Congratulations T and the MadPax crew. It was a blast to shoot this campaign for their website and trade show booth. The kids were awesome!

The Life of a Child Photographer – AZ Children’s Photographer

It all looks good on the website/blog. Smiling babies, sweet expressions and loving moments. What you don’t see, or hear, is all the craziness it takes to get those images. A bubble gun in one hand, perching Elmo on the camera lens, snorting like a pig and generally making a complete fool of yourself is de rigeur for any photographer of the younger set. Here is Dixie trying to simultaneously put a hat on and entertain a recent client. Not for the faint of heart.

This little guy was something else. Baby JW had a mind of his own and is a GQ model-in-the-making. He works the hat, whips out the strong, silent and hard-to-get vibe. I feel sorry for the little girls in his playgroup, this kid’s going to be a heart breaker!

Feel the LOVE! – Arizona Portrait Photographer

These two might look like a just-engaged couple but they’re actually an “old” married couple (married almost 3 years). Meet Brook and Kyle Day. Kyle is the techno whiz who makes sure that all your photos shot by ATJ are backed up on and off site and keeps our computers running at their best (I’m pretty sure he hates that I have him on speed dial). Brook is a hair stylist (and isn’t her hair so cute?!) and together they just make sense. Couples are among my favorite subjects–young, old, doesn’t matter–it’s such a smart idea to set aside time to capture your relationship. When was the last time you had photos of just the two of you taken? Thought so…..

A Little More Press – AZ Family Photographer

This month’s Photoshop Elements User Magazine is running an article I wrote about photographing your family. You can download the article here. Some fun tips for those who want to snap pics of their family this holiday season.

If you don’t want to make the commitment to the big, scary Photoshop, you might find that PS Elements will cover most of your post production needs and Photoshop Elements User Mag is a great resource. You can download a free magazine at the link above and the publishers were kind enough to make this article available to my blog readers–so a big Thanksgiving Thanks to Kelly and the crew at PSEU Mag!

Now go take some photos of your family while you are all together!