The ATJ Crew in Action

So we had this shoot on Friday that, by the time we were done, had turned into a Cecil B. De Mille Production. Shot at Frost Orthodontics offices (which, by the way, are fabulous and amazing and designed by his interior designer wife, Rene) for a major braces manufacturer, Ormco. These are the braces my children have on their teeth so they are great stuff and Dr. Stuart Frost is truly an artist when it comes to teeth. I can't show you any of the product shots but I wanted to share a few of the shots we got while setting up lights and testing the gear.

The first is Rene Frost and the office manager Chaurice getting jiggy to the fab sound system–I believe the song was, "Play that Funky Music White Boy." So, play that in your head while you view….


Here's the ATJ crew!!!
L to R: Kent Flake, David Hunsaker, Jenn Linton and David Lloyd–thanks guys–couldn't have done it without you!