The ATJ Stimulus Package

Is anyone else SICK TO DEATH of watching the news and hearing about just how bad the economy is, how many jobs were lost this week, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum? 

Well, over here at ATJ, we have chosen to put on the blinders and move forward with plans for a busy new year. We are calling it the ATJ Stimulus Package.

The Package began with the hiring of two new additions to the ATJ Staff:



First hired is Kent Flake. Kent assists on location shoots (translated: he is my personal photo gear Sherpa) he also acts as courier, furniture mover and occasional Diet Coke delivery boy. He is cheerful, friendly and EVERYONE loves Kent! He starts nursing school this next week so we won't have him as much as we'd like but we'll take what we can get.
Next hired is the Photoshop Guru and all-things-technical, David Lloyd. David has an envious resume that includes Electrical Engineering, teaching Photoshop at the college level and for Apple Computers. David also ran a successful photography studio in the Central Coast of California for years before he relocated to Arizona. California's loss is our gain. David is Post-Production Manager of ATJ and is making sure that we are color calibrated within an inch of our lives! Our images have never looked better. Here he is on our fabulous new settee, helping me out with a light test before a shoot.


In addition to all this, there has been construction, painting and all kinds of dust being kicked up over here as we add a new office and refresh our look. More posts to come with pics of the new office, etc.

Let's all just press ahead and make this the best year ever. I propose that we turn off the news and get creative about making our businesses, families and lives as successful as they can be.

Stimulating thought!