The Life of a Child Photographer – AZ Children’s Photographer

It all looks good on the website/blog. Smiling babies, sweet expressions and loving moments. What you don’t see, or hear, is all the craziness it takes to get those images. A bubble gun in one hand, perching Elmo on the camera lens, snorting like a pig and generally making a complete fool of yourself is de rigeur for any photographer of the younger set. Here is Dixie trying to simultaneously put a hat on and entertain a recent client. Not for the faint of heart.

This little guy was something else. Baby JW had a mind of his own and is a GQ model-in-the-making. He works the hat, whips out the strong, silent and hard-to-get vibe. I feel sorry for the little girls in his playgroup, this kid’s going to be a heart breaker!