The Softer Side of the Coyotes – AZ Family Photographer

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Coyotes have been KILLING it this year. With crazy franchise issues and a brutal schedule they have, nevertheless, managed to lay waste to their competition. No doubt, these guys are BIG and SCARY on the ice, but put them on a couch with their wife and kids and you'll see an entirely different side. 

The Shane Doan Family

A family pic for the kitchen.

ATJ_Doan_FM_-89fixcrop copy 

Dad and His Boys – NOTE: If you are the Coyotes Trainer–look away–no Hockey Players were harmed during the photographing of the Doan family!

ATJ_Doan_FM_-391R copy 


ATJ_Doan_FM_-310 copy 

The Kids – We hung 20" matted prints of these together–buttah!

ATJ_Doan_FM_-463bw copy

ATJ_Doan_FM_-515bw copy
 ATJ_Doan_FM_-496bw copy 

ATJ_Doan_FM_-540bw copy
Teach 'em to play rough early on–future NHL players in training.

ATJ_Doan_FM_-158crop copy 

Love these two together….

ATJ_Doan_FM_-356 copy 

Love this family.

ATJ_Doan_FM_-390bw2 copy

 Go Team!!!!