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So Cute…

… I just received the following email from one of my favorite clients. I’ve been meaning to e-mail you toView full post »

Ain’t Love Grand?

Engagement shoots are so much fun especially when the groom is really into it and, believe me, this groom was into it! IView full post »

Here Comes the Bride

You’d never know how romantic it can be to shoot in 110 degree weather in 30% humidity lying on the ground inView full post »

The Wall Family

This family traveled all the way from Washington state in the middle of August just to get their photos taken. (OK,View full post »


I have been a total blog slacker lately so I am going to post a bunch of my favorite photos from recent (and not-so-View full post »

Vegas Wedding

I know, I know, I don’t DO weddings but there are exceptions to every rule and this woman is an exception to justView full post »

Favorite Quotes

We all love quotes, (well, I do anyway) and I’ve collected then all my life. I get a charge out of hearing someoneView full post »

Some Recent Faves

A Girl’s Best Friend is her Mother…and these girls are very lucky indeedView full post »

It’s Hard to be Queen

This is my niece M. She has an older brother and a brand-new baby brother and well…in true Tyler Girl tradition,View full post »

More Music Secrets Revealed…

OK, more emails about music. The song that played in the slideshow at Creative Escape last Saturday was Every Moment byView full post »

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

The poor Fed Ex guy—before he could even get to my front door yesterday I had it open and was accosting him for myView full post »

Music Secrets Revealed

I have had so many people who emailed me about the gorgeous music playing on Paula Wessels slide show so I’ll justView full post »