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Karen Hathcock Tyler – My Mom

My mom passed away yesterday. Best mother and grandmother ever. A photo of her from 2006 – I love you Mom.View full post »

Melissa Jill and the Giant Sandwich – A Blogging Metaphor

I had lunch this week with amazing local wedding photographer Melissa Jill. She’s the go-to girl for weddings ifView full post »

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Today is my sister's birthday. She's the other bossy sister in the family (I'll bet you can't guess whoView full post »


These are amazing people. Talented photographers all, they are colleagues and friends. We spent last Sunday throughView full post »

Congratulations Caroline!

My sister, Caroline DeCesare, Interior Designer and owner of DeCesare Design Group, Inc. has just been featured inView full post »

Generosity of Spirit – A Tale of Kindness

This is Ellen S. one of my very favorite clients who has been with me since the Memory Lane days. She has always been aView full post »

Love this Girl!

This is A and you've seen her many times if you've ever surfed my website. Well, you've seen her legs on theView full post »